Cryptocurrency is on Sale for 20p in London

Talenthon ICO

Cryptocurrency is on Sale for 20p in London

Apr 26, 2018 ICO, Recruitment by admin

Everyone should know about how investment in cryptos works. They need to be aware of different platforms and how to stay in control of their finances.

There are hundreds of new digital and cryptocurrencies out there on market, but not all of them would like people to see behind the scene.

Here at Talenthon, we believe in radical transparency, what helps us build strong relationships with our clients and partners. We are a recruitment platform powered by blockchain rewarding honesty and transparency in digital currency. When we verify candidates’ CVs, they get Talent Coin for their honesty. Similarly, when we verify references, we reward the referees with Talent Coins, appreciating their time and effort. This is win-win for both candidates and their referees.

Employers and recruitment consultants won’t have to go through validating CVs, eliminating fake references and creating funnels. They choose, let’s say top 3% of candidates under IT category on their Talenthon Recruitment Portal. We are trying our best to save employers and recruitment agencies time and money whilst offering them the best service technically possible. This is how we are changing the way recruitment will look like from 2020.

Talenthon ICO

We are based in London and happy to meet anyone interested in knowing more about cryptocurrencies. We want to make sure people make informed decisions upon investing in this space, whether it is investing in Talenthon ICO or somewhere else.

If you find yourself in London, please feel free to get in touch. We will make sure you get all the answers are after. You won’t have to purchase Talent Coins if you do not want to, although the price is tempting, 20p per coin!

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