5 Factors to Consider When Looking to Invest in an ICO

5 Factors to Consider When Looking to Invest in an ICO

May 2, 2018 ICO, Investment by admin
2017 saw a real Initial Coin Offerings (ICO) boom, as this innovative form of capital raising and investing took centre stage in the blockchain world. ICOs are the hot new way to raise funds for new cryptocurrencies. In an ICO, a certain amount of a digital token is created and sold to the public (usually […]
Talenthon ICO

Cryptocurrency is on Sale for 20p in London

Apr 26, 2018 ICO, Recruitment by admin
Everyone should know about how investment in cryptos works. They need to be aware of different platforms and how to stay in control of their finances. There are hundreds of new digital and cryptocurrencies out there on market, but not all of them would like people to see behind the scene. Here at Talenthon, we […]

Talenthon Educate Londoners on Investing Wisely in Cryptocurrencies

Apr 26, 2018 ICO by admin
We are giving people one on one training on how to start with investing in cryptocurrency in our Telegram Messenger group with no expectations. So no one would feel under pressure that they must invest in Talenthon ICO (Talent Coin or TCOIN for short). If anyone feels confident and would like to invest in Talenthon, […]